Rapala Fishing Pro Series
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Rapala Fishing Pro Series

Rapala Fishing Pro Series
Kod proizvoda: PS4
Nagradni bodovi: 150
Dostupnost: Na lageru
Cena: 1,500.00 дин
Cena u nagradnima bodovima: 1500
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Real Fish! Real Lures! Real Tournaments! Real Fishing!
Compete in world-class tournaments and daily challenges all to improve your skills by earning bonus money to climb the ranks and become a professional angler for the 1 fishing brand in the world. Build your reputation and gain sponsors as you try to catch the top species of fish from Large Mouth Bass to Northern Pike in some of the most iconic fishing locations in North America. Unlock and choose from 100s of authentic lures and equipment combinations as you try to outsmart your competition. Monster and legendary fish are waiting for you in Rapala Fishing Pro Series!

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